We have several standard destinations and then we announce some special trips throughout the year.

Where do you want to try?

Sterkfontein Dam

Gariep Dam

Orange River

Hartbeespoort Day trips


Sterkfontein Dam – Long Weekend

Details & Itinerary

The trips all involve a similar iteniary and so we have highlighted the core theme here.  After booking for an event, you will be sent an email with more information about your particular tour.

We look forward to exploring with you!


We meet at the Camp ground on Friday afternoon.  Have a braai that evening as fires are not allowed on our next stop over.  Stay overnight at the campsite and enjoy coffee and new friends around the campfire.

Saturday morning we do a briefing on the essential knowledge base of packing a kayak, safety and general tips to make it enjoyable.  We will head off at 8:30. 

We paddle for about 8km, stop for a snack break. Paddle on to the campsite with eta about lunch time. Set up camp and chill for the afternoon. Take a walk up the hill if anyone is keen otherwise fish, tan, read, sleep and settup camp for a night under the stars.

If it’s a two nighter we then pack up on Sunday and head off after breakfast around 09:00 to paddle back with a few stops along the way. Then it’s a sad farewell till the next event….

If you are joining us for the long weekend, an extra day of exploring and a night under the stars.  



Pack as light as possible.  Keep your meals simple and your clothes light.  You can’t have a fire on the second night so food like pasta is a great option. 

Snacks to keep you going and lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Can we break away from the group

If you do decide to explore by yourself, we will not be held responsible for your safety. As a group with Robbie as the leader, you have a guide who knows all the dangers and can make decisions according to knowledge of the area and weather changes to give you the safest trip.  

An indemnity form will be signed before we leave.  Please stay safe and stay together.