Kayak Tours was established by Robbie Herreveld owner of the leading Paddlesport importer and retailer in Africa. During the 18 years Canoe & Kayak World has been operating Robbie has been offering guided tours to his clients who have bought touring kayaks through his shop. This initially to assist the kayak owners to get the most out of their boats and to help establish paddling groups, but very quickly became a constant year round request.

We are now able to offer the kayak touring experience to those who don’t own a kayak but would like to experience our “back-packing on water” adventures.

We have chosen the 4 most requested and enjoyable trips to make your paddling adventure an unforgettable experience. The Orange River Kayaking Tour, an exciting and exhilarating paddling trip on the Upper Orange River. The Vanderkloof Dam

We have chosen the highest quality kayaking equipment and paddle accessories for your paddling safety, comfort and enjoyment. Our experienced guides have received on-off water safety training including 1st Aid and are in contact with our 24hr back-up to ensure, you as a guest will feel safe and comfortable while out on the water with us.